Osun WES

Who developed the multifactory model

Osun WES is a research and consulting firm specializing in developing companies as collaborative systems. It developed the multifactory model in 2015.

The Multifactory model comes from an independent on field research on shared workspaces in 2012-2014 from all over the world. All of the visited spaces used to refer to themselves as belonging to Coworking Spaces, Hacker Spaces, Fab Labs, Makerspaces, Creative Spaces.

The best practices that were found during the research, defined the basic idea of “Multifactory” which was then applied and tested in 2015 in Bigmagma, in Milan.

We launched in 2016 our first Multifactory, R84, in Mantua, then Risma11 in Bergamo (July 2019) and Biassono Multifactory in 2020. 

Not only multifactory

Rethinking the structure is an opportunity to review and rethink the business model, that is the logical structure that leads to the production of income through the sale of goods or services.

Horizontal Governance – Capacity Building e Change Management – Models, scenarios and intervention strategy


  • 2020 | Japan 
  • 2019-2020| Progetto biennale di Change Management sviluppato per Mitades aps. Progetto cofinanziato da Fondazione Cariplo
  • 2017-2018| “Coast to Coast” | Per le “Le sette giornate di super” con il supporto della European Cultural Foundation.
  • 2017. Curators of “Pollino NATU(AR) Creative Contest |NATUre in Augmented Reality.” An artistic exploration of a new relation- ship between man, technology and nature towards a sustaina- ble world. A contest for artists with the support of VeroNatura and the patronage of the Municipality of Mantua. In collabora- tion with R84 Multifactory and BePart Movement