Communities for Co-manufacturing Spaces

“New Needs Require new Spaces”

The aim of a Multifactory is to renew an empty space by setting up a community of enterpreneurs, small factories, artists and craftsmen in order to support individual activities as well as promoting synergies.


R84 raised in the warehouses and residences formerly used by the workers of the ex Mantua oil refinery.


Risma11 occupies the previous location of a paper mill factory in Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo).


It’s located in Biassono (Monza), it was born with a special focus on work-life balance.

Collaborative Economy in Co-manufacturing Workspaces


In a Multifactory, each company keeps its own operational independence and a private space and it is responsible together with all the others for the common parts and strategic choices concerning territorial development (institutional relations, common events). The three key principles of the Multifactory model are: to be a community project, have diversity and productive vocation.

  • COMMUNITY PROJECTS : all the companies that are part of it are also members of the managing body of the multifactory itself. All companies are responsible for the decisions and performance of the multifactory.
  • DIVERSITY: the companies that are part of a Multifactory are heterogeneous in terms of history, vocation, product sector and age of the participants. Diversity reduces the risk of internal competition and increases the opportunities for cross-contamination.
  • PRODUCTIVE VOCATION: the companies that operate in a Multifactory can produce goods or services but it is important that they are companies that follow the entire life cycle of their products and it is important that there is a proportion of craftspeople. Only in this way can a real local value chain, which brings wealth to the community, be established.

A Multifactory remoulds buildings no longer in use. Such requalification, without large investments flow, fills the void left by previous industrial or handcraft activities, leaving the usage habit of the place unchanged. The result is the upgrading not only of the building itself, but of the surrounding area.